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Johnson County family’s dog escapes doggy day care and makes his way back home

LENEXA, Kan. -LENEXA, Kan. – Johnson County, Kansas family received an unexpected visitor when they were on vacation.

It was their dog that had escaped out of the kennel, returned homeand was attempting to gain entry into the house.

The family’s doorbell camera alerted them to any activity in their front yard. It was Dexter The Henson family’s dog of five years old. Jeremy as well as Sarah Henson were more than 1,000 miles away from Las Vegas.

The video from Wednesday night’s show Dexter knocking on the front door, and then whimpering to enter the home.

He had escaped from the dog-friendly daycare facility that the Hensons used, and was able to return home after a distance of 200 miles. The app allowed them to provide comfort to Dexter while a member of the kennel was on hand to help Dexter.

“It was not a surprise to me to see him on one of the steps in front of us. I was just worried that they weren’t aware, which is why I made contact with them. I thought, “Oh, My dog’s sitting outside on your porch But I believe that he’s not supposed to be on the porch,” Jeremy Henson told FOX4.

The Hensons aren’t willing to reveal which kennel was used because the two parties haven’t had the chance to talk about their feelings.

The pet care company informed Jeremy as well as Sarah that Dexter was likely to have jumped over a fence that was six feet high to be free. Sarah Henson said Jeremy takes Dexter to a number of long walks. This has probably helped him become familiar with the neighborhood to figure out the way back to home.

“It did not surprise me to find him at our front door. I was just worried that they didn’t knowabout it, which is why I phoned them. I was like , your dog is on the front of your house, and I believe that he’s not supposed not to be here,” Sarah Henson said.

“He was kenneled in the past, but hasn’t had any problems. His older brother isn’t with us. I’m sure he used be a good friend hanging out with him.” Jeremy Henson added.

The Henson’s stated that they aren’t planning any legal actions.

Sarah Henson said that alert occurred through their doorbell camera app right as the snowstorm of this week was approaching and, if that hadn’t happened, Dexter might have been trapped out in the snow.


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