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It’s a Moment to Paws! February is the month of Dog Training Education Month

When you think of your dog’s animal companion, nothing is more crucial than learning. Even though having an animal within the house can be beneficial and provide us with joy in different ways, the experience has its own responsibilities and challenges. Having a dog trained can be a huge help in overcoming these obstacles.

The benefits of training can be seen for themselves. Training boosts confidence, increases positive social behaviour and provides your dog with the structure and routine. In addition, it is an opportunity to spend quality time and strengthen the relationship that you share with your pet.

Old or young the dogs we love are always learning. If you think your dog could benefit from some assistance in the area of training take these five steps to help during Dog Training Education Month:

Join an class. There are dog-training courses that are suitable for all levels of dog training – beginning with puppy kindergarten which covers sitting, staying, and basic manners to higher-level classes which concentrate on specific areas of instruction. The classes also provide the opportunity to meet other dog owners who might have the same issues like you!

Always concentrate upon positive reinforcement. When you reward your pet by giving praise and treats of high value for doing something well The animal will be more inclined to replicate the behaviour.

Make it brief. To maximize the benefits of the training, keep home sessions to around 15 minutes. You can do this three times per day.

Set a schedule for training. Your pet will thrive when they’re able to have a regular routine. Repeating the same thing is crucial to help reinforce your pet’s abilities. When you establish an exercise schedule and adhere to it and you’ll be amazed with the outcomes.

Train an old dog to learn how to do something new. If your dog has a solid grasp of the basic commands and you are seeking a some challenge, you could consider a particular subject to train on, which could be the use of tricks, nose work or even an agility course.

In the end, you can help refresh the skills your pet is already familiar with. Everyone needs to brush up on our skills every now and then and that’s why, whether it’s sitting/staying, walking on a loose leash, among other things an upcoming refresher course may be exactly what your pet needs.

If you’re struggling to get into training or preparing for a competition, it’s possible that the Animal Rescue League of Boston (ARL) can be of assistance.

ARL offers a no-cost pet behavior assistance line that can help pet owners navigate many behavioral issues.

ARL also provides dog-training courses that span from puppy classes to advanced dog training for older dogs in addition to enrichment classes to have enjoyment! For more information, visit arlboston.org/dog-training

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