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Guinea Pig Attention & Managing

What Guinea pigs Consume and Consume:

To begin with enables begin with that which you shouldn’t supply you guinea pig:

-Potatoes and potato skins
-Iceberg lettuce (most other lettuce is okay)

Chocolate and potato skins and apples have now been known to eliminate or make Guinea pigs sick. The other stuff is very unhealthy. If you’re uncertain of a food product you are going to supply you guinea pig then don’t supply them it until you have researched further.

Today what also supply your guinea pig: Guinea pigs require a lot of fibre and supplement C (because exactly like individuals they can not make supplement C and should do pan movements.

-Guinea pigs require and love hay, do to the truth that it provides a great supply of fibre and guinea pigs require plenty of fibre.

-Hay – the very best type of hay for the Guinea pig is Timothy hay unless they are really young below 4 months, pregnant or nursing sows then use alfalfa based hay. You need to make sure there is always hay in the cage for the Guinea pig (it is most beneficial if it is not pressing the ground so it dose not get contaminated).

-Pellet food – one extremely important issue here is that there is a constant supply design every other type of pellet food then guinea pig food, do also the truth that guinea pig food contains supplement C and others are not as healthy for them. Be sure you obtain a great model of food since that’s one of many principal points guinea pigs eat, as in hay let them have as much as they require often a small handful per piggy, but if you have a lot left over the very next day adding less in the mornings, also if the pan is continually empty the very next day adding more.

-Water – extremely important make sure that there sippy package always has lots of fresh cool water in it.

-Veggies and fruits – if your guinea pig dose not get enough of the then it won’t have sufficient supplement C in its system witch may cause scurvy. Many veggies are great for your guinea pig(s) except obviously the people I stated early in the day (again obviously if you’re uncertain of anything you are planning pm eating your guinea pig look it up) some of the greatest fruits and greens are: oranges, peas, pear, and most lettuces (never iceberg), there are lots of more which are suitable. Some guinea pigs can be very picky by what they eat therefore ensure you add what you would like to supply to them when they are still young.

Guinea pig cages should not be looked over as a cage, they should be looked over as a property, since unlike dog cages were you place your dog when it sleeps or if you are out the guinea pig uses most of the time in its cage. Therefore the cage should really be at the least 2.5 foot by 2.5 foot for starters pig and for every additional pig you need to as at the least 2 foot by 2ft of cage measurement but bigger wont hurt. The walls should really be at the least 1 base high. since guinea pigs normal routine when they are worried or startled is to run to protection you need to have a house in your guinea pig cage about twice how big the pig and having an opening it may only easily fit into, you need one home per pig.

May be the stuff that goes on the underside of the cage, you need to get a quality bedding like or even using this then ensure you are using one which isn’t to powerful smelling. DO NOT USE CEDAR WOODCHIPS; Guinea pigs are allergic to them so they can trigger wellness problems. The Bedding shouldn’t need to be more then 2cm heavy, in the event that you see the underside of the cage following your pig has been working through after that it include more following another cleaning.

You need to clear the cage about once per week, that includes eliminating the guinea pig(s) getting it or them in a safe environment for the full time being, then remove the bedding and other things rinse the cage itself the house or properties sterilize the water package and food plates dried every thing, then set fresh bedding in then the cage then the food and fix the water package and finally the guinea pig(s) must just take 10-20 minutes.

When you’re eliminating the guinea pig from its cage be certain not to startle it since it’ll try to escape and hide. When picking up place one give below its ribcage place and one other on its bottom, get slowly. Do not place your guinea pig on any large places that it can fall down or hurt its self. When keeping the guinea pig be certain not to fit him be delicate and safe. Your guinea pig might hesitate of individuals in the beginning but if you’re cautious with him it wont be extended till he or she will cherish to be selected up.

Guinea pigs like all creatures require workout, you can help them to obtain workout bye giving them a more substantial cage or having a sizable enclosed place for them to run around and enjoy well you view, they are often more active when happy or in pairs.

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