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Dog woodlands – a great deal for you and also your pet dog

3 gode hundeskove på Sjælland - Outdoorsupply.dk - Alt inden for outdoor  nichenPet dog forests are small or larger fenced locations where the liable pet dog owner can air the lawful and also obedient pet without a leash all the time.
There are 15 pet forests in Aalborg Municipality, of which 14 are fenced. The 14 of the canine woodlands are developed and run by Aalborg Municipality. The Danish Nature Firm Himmerland has actually established the Hundeskove.dk in Drastrup Skov.
Open up pet dog woodland in Trekantskoven
In Trekantskoven north of Hals there is an open canine forest. The forest is not fenced, yet is subject to the exact same regulations as a fenced pet dog forest. The forest is open to everyone, and pets as well as their owners should for that reason always show consideration for the woodland’s various other visitors.
Puppy units
In Vangen Hundeskov in Nørresundby, in the canine woodland in Mulighedernes Park as well as in the canine forest in Gandrup, special units have actually been created young puppies from 0-6 months.

The 15 canine woodlands
Hammer Bakker
Vangen in Nørresundby
Skydebanevejens hundeskov in Aalborgs Vestby
Opportunities Park in Aalborg SV
Budumvej in Aalborg East
Østerådalen Nord
Lundby Krat
Poulstrup Lake
The Triangular Woodland (open pet forest).
Drastrup Skov.
Click the map and also see canine forests.

By clicking on the map you can see the limits of the pet dog forests.
The dog is best without a leash in the pet woodland.

If the canine is obedient and also controlled, it is a bad suggestion to lead the dog on a leash in a pet forest. The canine reacts more balanced to various other dogs if it lacks a chain. The canine might feel endangered by various other roaming dogs if it is baited a chain within the fence.

General rules for traffic with a pet without a chain in the district’s fenced dog woodlands.
According to the dog law, it is constantly the canine proprietor’s responsibility to have complete control over the pet, also within the fence in a canine forest.

The dog should always be accompanied when going to the pet forest.

The cable fencing marks the area of the pet dog forest. Dogs that jump over or go through the fence are right away called back right into the pet woodland.

All traffic in Aalborg Town’s dog forests takes place at your very own threat.

Unique policies for web traffic with a pet without a leash in the town’s open canine woodland.

The location of the triangular forest is set out as open pet dog woodland. It is only permitted to air canines without a chain on Aalborg Community’s area.

The area of the triangle woodland is outlined as open pet woodland. It is just permitted to air pets without a chain on Aalborg Community’s location.

According to the dog regulation, it is constantly the canine owner’s duty to have complete control over the pet, both in open as well as in fenced canine forests.

The dog must constantly be accompanied when going to the canine forest.

All website traffic with dogs in the Triangular Woodland goes to your very own danger.

In the wild, pet dogs must always be led on a leash.

When the pet dog is broadcast in the wild, it has to constantly be baited a chain. However, it is enabled to air dogs under control and without chain on public beaches from it.

Constantly keep in mind bag for dog leftovers.

Loose pet dogs searching around in nature do great damages.

Raw lambs, hares and also ground-breeding birds are particularly at risk. Often, the pet owner does not discover that the pet dog has actually gotten on the wrong roads till it is too late. Loosened stray pet dogs locate with each other as well as follow their natural hunting reactions.

Canine regulation and also canine campaign in Aalborg Town.

In recent times, there has actually been an increasing trouble with stray pets in a multitude of the community’s leisure locations, and also as a result Section 3 of the Pet Act has currently been tightened in Aalborg Town.
Additionally, Aalborg Community, as a landowner, also tightens up the accessibility guidelines to the town’s pet dog forests.

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