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Fish are gill-bearing aquatic craniate animals that lack limbs with digits. They form a sister group to the tunicates, together forming the olfactores. Included in this definition are the living hagfish, lampreys, and cartilaginous and bony fish as well as various extinct related groups.

Delicate Giants – The Gray Whales of Baja

I’m not just a really emotional person. I don’t believe we ought to save lots of whales since they are cuddly or pettable. But it’s simply a fantastic experience having those whales throw around and search at you vision to eye. There is actually an interspecies contact there. There is …

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The Wiper Travel Fishing Knowledge

Wiper, the hybrid striped bass/white bass, is increasing a lot of popularity in fishing groups across Colorado and encompassing places that have wiper fisheries. The greatest enjoyment might be discovered one of the somewhat small circle of travel fishers who follow them. Once you find these fish, kidding them with …

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Freshwater Fish Disease – Signals, Triggers, And Cures

It is a fine sluggish time and you’re only throwing back and experiencing the aquarium you have labored so hard setting up. But wait, something’s off. Among your fish looks like he’s been moving in the sand. And another seems to have less fins than you remember. And still another …

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