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Adorable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in Mr Pawfect dog groomers in Southend

The staff give their dog pet owners a luxurious pampering experience and bathing, with two baths each visit (well humans receive two shampoos in this salon. So why wouldn’t they? ).

Dean Wayne and Wayne go to extreme lengths to take care of their pet guests. Both were cabin crew for 10 years , and trained after being furloughed during the pandemic.

The City & Guilds trained and certified dog groomers started this business in the year 2020.


What are the advantages of grooming your dog?

Certain types of coats require frequent trips to the salon than other types and based on the length and cut the owner wants will determine the frequency at which they will visit the salon in order to maintain the coat.

Coats which require regular haircuts should visit the salon every four and eight weeks. We, as groomers, examine your dog’s entire body from every crevice and crevice and areas that the majority of owners would not have a look, so there’s a good chance you’ll notice changes in their bodies which the owners aren’t aware of. We’ve found a variety of lumps on dogs which owners were unaware of and went to the vet for help.


Do dogs enjoy grooming?

There are dogs who run into the salon, then climb up on the table, and then sit with the expression “I’m ready whenever you are”. There are times when we observe dogs shake when their owners carry them inside. Once we have identified the reason for their fear, we can assist the dog to let them build confidence in themselves as well as trust with us.

What are the most popular styles? Traditional cuts or dogs wearing a full coats’ are usually too difficult dog owners handle and therefore, all cuts are custom-made to fit the dog’s and the owners’ life style. The dogs that you see running around the ring of show are groomed on a regular basis and cleaned weekly, and rarely encountered knee deep in mud in the parks. In the time of the consolation meeting with their owner we talk about their dog’s life style to determine which kind of cut would fit their dog’s needs.​​​​​


What is the most rewarding thing of your job?
The bond that we share with our dogs is a bond that we share with our. We’ve groomed a few dogs from the time they were just 14 weeks old. Watching them grow into beautiful dogs is among the greatest things about our work.

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